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ESP’s Mikey Clarke is ready to settle into his seat on the front row of the Key Theatre’s annual panto as Peter Pan flies in from Thursday December 6…

When I reviewed last year’s Panto (Sleeping Beauty) at the Key Theatre, I described it as being just as good (if not better) than some shows I’ve seen at the West End. I was not exaggerating. So… no pressure guys, the bar has been raised and I’m expecting big things with Simon Egerton’s version of Peter Pan.

It tells the tale of a boy who never grew up, as he and his heroic troupe of ‘lost children’ face off against the villainous pirates led by Captain Hook aboard the Jolly Roger. It’s a story we all know and love but expect a few surprises as this will (as always) feature a new and original script for the Key Theatre.

Egerton returns again this year as the director, writer, composer and lyricist and Rob Hazle also returns as the stage musical director.

More returning faces include Rebecca Levy as principal boy, Peter Pan, after her success as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Last year’s ‘Fairy Cherry Blossom’ Katie Pritchard dons a pair of wings once more in the role of Tinker Bell. Josh Haberfield, who tickled funnybones as Jingles the Jester returns in the comic role of Little Johnnie. Lastly, having played villains everyone loves to hate, Robin Johnson now plays Captain Hook’s sidekick Barnacle Bill.

Newcomers include the imposing Richard Costello as Captain Hook and the dame this year comes in the form of Nanny Goggins played by Anthony Hoggard – a panto veteran.

This is, of course, not to forget a full complement of ‘lost children’ all played by a chorus of talented young actors auditioned from the local area.

One of the things I love the most about Panto at the Key Theatre is the intimate surroundings always mean you feel part of the action and have a great view… and there are always some great local references!

The panto runs from Thursday December 6 to Sunday January 6. In total there are 60 performances with many shows already sold out so don’t hang about.

Look out for my review coming soon!

Book now on 01733 207239 or visit

Mikey Clarke


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