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The company which operates the New Theatre in Peterborough has welcomed the Government’s support package announced for the arts sector and says it’s given it a vital lifeline.

Selladoor Worldwide, one of the country’s largest touring companies, and operators of the Peterborough New Theatre, confirmed that due to COVID -19 they’ve extended the temporary closure of the Peterborough venue until November.

They’re putting a plan in place to reopen pre-pantomime season on November 19, 2020, but say the Government’s announcement of a support package of £1.57bn for the industry as a whole is desperately needed.

David Hutchinson CEO says – “This funding promises to offer our sector a vital lifeline as we continue to plan survival through COVID-19. The theatre sector has been decimated since closure in March, and what is clear is that we won’t be able to open our doors anytime soon as running a commercially viable theatre model with social distancing just isn’t possible. What the Government have done today is to strongly acknowledge the value of the arts – both economic and cultural – and that is an incredibly positive endorsement for all in the theatre sector who have suffered many months of adversity during one of the biggest crises to hit the industry in the last century.

“The absolute key is in the detail now, of how these funds can support the wide ecology of people and organisations in the arts – and do so quickly. We’ve seen thousands of redundancies, many theatres on the brink of collapse and the damage of losing vital skills, experience and artists from our sector for good. We need to mobilise fast to start working as a sector to move together to the rebuild stage.

“This Government package has given the theatre sector a vital lifeline to continue our role – not just promoting the arts, but in communities, schools and as placemakers up and down the country.”

Phillip Rowntree CFO says – “The economic impact of COVID-19 has been felt by individuals and businesses throughout the country, but none more than the theatre sector, one of the first to close and certainly one of the last to reopen again.

“Time is of the essence now, and in order for us to make best use of these funds we need clear guidance on the Government’s timeline for allowing venues to reopen again. With the ability to plan the sector as a whole can ensure the Government’s investment today benefits as many individuals and businesses as possible ensuring a vibrant and thriving sector tomorrow.”

Many of this year’s shows planned at the New Theatre have been rescheduled to future dates and tickets are on sale at


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