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ESP’s Mikey Clarke reviews Episode 2 of the BBC show as Peterborough businesswoman Nurun Ahmed features as Project Manager….

After the second episode of The Apprentice, I can safely say that I’m hooked. My social calendar is officially booked up every Wednesday night from now until the series ends.

For those that haven’t seen the popular BBC show, The Apprentice sees a bunch of big shots competing against each other to win a £250,000 business investment from Lord Sugar.

The tenth season is extra special due to the fact that one of the candidates isPeterborough City Council worker and City Market fashion retailer (Scarfs Inc), Nurun Ahmed. In Episode 1 we didn’t see a great deal of her, due to the fact that nineteen other candidates needed their fair share of screen time. However, in last night’s show (Episode 2) our local entrepreneur was Project Manager – therefore taking centre stage.

How did she do?

The 2nd task saw Lord Sugar summon the candidates to the Imperial College London to design a piece of wearable technology.


The two teams – still girls vs boys – were challenged to combine fashion with cutting-edge gadgets before creating prototypes and presenting their products to retailers. With Nurun being a fashion retailer (alongside her work with the Council) she was reluctantly pushed forward to lead the group.

Before they got down to business, the girls first had to think up a new team name, after their first choice, Team Decadence, was described by Nick as a word that, “Combines decay, decline, with lots of self-indulgence – hardly the qualities I would have thought you (Lord Sugar) would wish to find in your next business partner.”

The all new Team Tenacity (the girls) came up with a hi-tech jacket with solar powered heat pads and a phone charger – which looked like something Marty McFly wore in the future. And Team Summit (the boys) designed a jumper with a built-in camera – which just looked plain creepy.

Unfortunately, when it came to the sales day, the pressure became too much for Nurun and she became tongue-tied. A disaster, yes – but it could have been worse as proven by the guys. One male candidate explained to a potential buyer that he would never wear their jumper out in public.


In the end, who won the task? I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you so catch up with this episode (and the first) on BBC iPlayer. Watch all future episodes on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

You can read a full interview with Nurun about her experiences on the show in ESP next month!

Photo the Apprentice: BBC

Photo Nurun Ahmed: Emma Bothamley


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