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If you like Fleetwood Mac don’t miss this show on Saturday April 6 at  The Stamford Corn Exchange, Stamford.

Making their debut at The Corn Exchange, Fleetwood Bac will be performing dozens of unforgettable songs creating a sound that is unmistakingly pure Fleetwood Mac.

Endorsed by the legendary Mick Fleetwood and raved about by Peter Green’s biographer, Fleetwood Bac sound, look and create that mystical atmosphere and on stage chemistry producing a show that’s just magical.


The show focuses on the Stevie Nicks / Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie –Rumours- era of the band (still the 5th biggest-selling album of all time). It also features songs from the Peter Green days, plus some of Stevie’s biggest solo hits, in a theatrical two-hour show, including costume-changes and an acoustic section.

This group set a new standard in the art of tribute shows and it’s a must for all music fans.

For tickets please visit or call 01780 766455.


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