If you’re training for the London Marathon don’t miss this great offer to get you in good shape!

As those that are running know, the London Marathon is fast approaching on April 21. There’s a lot to consider when participating in such a big event, whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or this is your first marathon. Not only does nutrition, training plans, and footwear play a massive role in the lead up to taking part this year, but looking after those muscles and injury prevention are key to a successful marathon performance.

Ultimate Lifestyle Performance in Orton Southgate are here to help as Fran explains – “Sports massage is important in aiding the recovery of tired muscles and removal of waste products such as lactic acid. It also breaks down adhesions that form between the layers of fascia and muscle as a consequence of exercise, and promotes flexibility and muscle length. This will enable a better gait pattern/cycle and subsequently reduce your risk of injury.

“Having a physiotherapist for your sports massage will also mean that they can fully assess and detect any brewing injuries or problem areas that you may have. The sports massage can then be tailored specifically to your needs, and will also mean they can offer advice about home exercise programmes and footwear which will then benefit your training and continue to prevent any future injury.”

For the month of March UPL are offering all London Marathon Runners £10 off their first sports massage at UPL, making this an offer you can’t refuse at only £25. This is guaranteed to be with a Physio and will last 60 minutes (45 minutes of massage and 15 minutes for assessment or any questions you may have).

Just contact Ultimate Performance Lifestyle on 01733 235226 or email the team on to book your appointment and make sure you’re in the ebst shape you can be!


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