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The Loaded DJ night in Peterborough features the songs from the 90’s (and a few either side) that remind you of some of the greatest nights of your life, from the decade that taught us how to party.

The latest session (Friday March 29) at The Lightbox Café on Bridge Street sees Loaded  not only playing those great 90s tunes, but also saying goodbye, and paying tribute to the explosive talent that was Keith Flint.

The guys from Loaded said – “We seem to loose more of our heroes every year, but this felt different to us. Keith was one of us, a raver, a punk, a dance pioneer who was instantly recognisable, and who knew just how to light a fuse that lead to thousands of explosive live moments.

“Who can forget seeing Firestarter for the first time on TOTP, and thinking ‘this is it, this is what we’ve been waiting for!’ or seeing them live, and moving as one with thousands of other people. We can’t remember a night during the 25years of DJing where we haven’t played at least one Prodigy song.”

Starting at 11pm, Martin & Nathan will be playing an hour of back to back Prodigy classics, and filling Bridge Street with the sounds, of their music, to say goodbye in the best way they know how.

The guys added – “Keith, for whatever reason, at the age of 49, felt he had no option but to take his own life. On behalf of us both, and all of the staff at Lightbox & Eclectic Ballroom, if you feel there is nowhere left to turn, please don’t let it get that far, come in, talk to us, message us, turn to friends, family, the Samaritans, whoever you can turn to. Suicide is not the answer; please don’t become part of this sad statistic. There are blue skies behind the dark clouds, let others help you get to a time when you can see them again.”

Join them on Friday March 29 from 9pm – 2am, it’s free entry.


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