There are many bands that copy the greats of old, but only few do justice to what the legends have created, let alone add an individual touch.


The group has long since become a global phenomenon just like their peers, whose record label Warner calls Letz Zep the best band coming after Page and Plant.

Letz Zep cover the entire catalogue of their idols and keep adding more classics to their repertoire, thus not merely delivering the obvious.

Their performance is an expansive display of what the icons have created and enthuses both novices to Led Zeppelin as well as experts.

Letz Zep are not about nostalgia, but a music revolt against the wheels of time, a furious outcry against oblivion, because they revive and continue what groundbreaking Rock artists have abandoned way too early.

Catch them live at the Key Theatre on Friday May 9.

Tickets £17 (£15 concessions) on 01733 207239.


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