Eddie Redmayne has just won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama – and after this sensational performance it’s not hard to see why.

His portrayal of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking – who received the devastating news he had motor neurone disease aged just 21 – is breathtakingly realistic, and makes this worth the watch for that alone.


Fortunately this biopic – based on wife Jane’s book – is generally of a high standard too, as it chronicles their love story at Cambridge University where Stephen meets pretty young student Jane Wilde (Golden Globe nominee Felicity Jones).

Even though the film does peter out slightly in the final third as it briefly struggles to find the right balance between showcasing his scientific achievements versus the family life upheaval – as the couple tries to overcome incredible odds during their marriage – the performances of Redmayne, Jones and ‘family friend’ Jonathan, played by Charlie Cox, always glue you to the screen to gloss over any nit-picky issues.

And that undoubtedly makes it another New Year film that falls into that ‘must see’ category – as Theory oozes so many endearing qualities that makes it hard to ignore.

The Oscars are going to be awesome this year . . .

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Gavin Miller

Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Emily Watson, Charlie Cox, Simon Mcburney, Harry Lloyd & Frank Leboeuf

Running Time: 2 Hrs 3 Mins

Director: James Marsh [youtube id=”Salz7uGp72c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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