Today (Thursday) is your last chance to catch the riveting multiple Oscar-nominated drama Room at Showcase Cinemas in Peterborough.


Larson stars as nurturing mother Ma, who brings up five-year-old Jack (Tremblay) in the confinements of a room after being kidnapped seven years earlier and held captive ever since.

Despite being stuck in this gloomy, dark and secluded hole – with only a small skylight providing any sign of the outside world – Ma has created a whole universe for the spirited Jack with only the very basic supplies from her captor (Sean Bridgers).

But despite providing Jack with a fulfilling life against all odds, she plans a daring escape so they can escape the confines of the four walls – and help make sure her son lives his life to the full.


But even if they do get out, will all the social and media connotations that come with such a shocking story mean they will actually be able to leave the ‘room’ behind?

If you get a chance to catch one of the final screenings today, you’ll be able to find out.

This Best Picture nominee offers an emotionally moving slice of cinema that deserves to be seen – if just for Larson and Tremblay’s performances alone – and will definitely strike a chord with all mother’s who have a child, and can’t even begin to imagine being put in a similarly perilous situation with their offspring.

Even at his tender age Tremblay could have garnered an Oscar-nomination – but hopefully Larson will deservedly add an Academy Award gong to her Golden Globe win.

Gavin Miller

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