ESP’s style guru Sue Donnelly helps you make the most of the new floral trend as covered in this month’s issue…

Sue Donnelly

Take your scale into consideration or the very large blooms will overwhelm so it won’t be you that gets noticed – only what you’re wearing. If the patterns are really bold or way too large, stick to one piece and team with something in a plain, block colour.


Alternatively, choose floral accents in handbags, sunglasses, hair ornaments, shoes or jewellery.

Generally speaking, I think florals, unlike last month’s featured stripes, suit a curvier body better than a straighter one and are great on someone who is very feminine or romantic by nature. Don’t let that stop you though. There is something for everyone this year. You just need to find it.


Some top tips for you:

  1. Mix a large amount of print, such as a maxi dress with something plain, such as a denim jacket

  2. If you don’t love florals, but want to follow the trend, wear them in a beautiful scarf

  3. Florals can be quite feminine so wear with shorts or jeans if you prefer a sportier look

  4. Choose colours according to your skin tone. Overly bright or light can fade you out

  5. It’s on trend to wear two florals together. To create the best effect, choose different size patterns so they complement and don’t compete with other

  6. Floral jeans or trousers can look smart if you team with a knee length summer coat or boyfriend jacket

  7. It’s OK to pair floral jeans with an animal print shoe if the rest of the outfit is plain

  8. Brighter patterns look better in the sunshine, so are great for holidays

  9. Florals look great on curvy bodies.  Nautical stripes, another trend, looks better on boyish ones

  10. If you really don’t like flowery patterns, buy jeans in lovely summer colours instead

  11. Add a small portion of black to give an edgy urban feel

  12. Complete the look with lots of bangles, a hat or a plain tote bag

Models: Jessica Blake and Gabriella Lester

Styling: Natasha Fierro

Photos: Andy Vernum @ Studio One

Location: Our thanks to Sacrewell Farm

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