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Anyone who knows our writer Mikey Clarke will know he loves his quizzes about as much as he loves his movies, so as many of us will be having a quieter Christmas or won’t be able to have all the family round, he’s come up with a Christmas Movie Quiz you can all play… even at a distance.

Why not get your Zoom/Facetime or whatever video link you favour up and running (don’t forget to unmute!) and do this fun quiz over the internet with your family or friends?

Over to our quiz master Mickey Clarke with the questions…

How well do you know Christmas Movies? Put your knowledge to the test in my ultimate Christmas Movie Quiz. If you’re anything like me and have been watching the festive flicks since November (maybe sooner) you should be nice and warmed up for this.

From Elf to Home Alone, Arthur Christmas to The Polar Express, there should be something for everyone here. So gather the household together, your workmates for a little break, or simply challenge yourself. Enjoy!

ESP’s Christmas Movie Quiz

1) “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favourite” is one of the most famous lines in a Christmas movie. Can you name it?

2) Complete this lyric from the song ‘Scrooge’ in The Muppet Christmas Carol: “Oh there goes Mr Humbug, there goes Mr ______?

3) In Arthur Christmas, what relation is Arthur to Santa?

Nephew? Son? Brother? A figment of his imagination?

4) In Die Hard (which IS a Christmas Movie – why is it even up for debate?!), what does Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) write on the sweater of a dead henchman to send a message to Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman)?

“Now I have a Machine Gun. HO – HO – HO.”

“Yippee Ki-Yay.”

“Welcome to the Party Pal.”

“This is not a Christmas Movie!”

5) In Bill Murray’s Scrooged, the Ghost of Christmas Present appears as what?

Fairy? Abominable Snowman? Taxi Driver? Elf?

6) In the movie The Polar Express, which beverage is distributed to the trains passengers?

7) Bing Crosby sang ‘White Christmas’ in two films; can you name them? You’ll get a point for each correct answer.

8) In Love Actually, name the British boy band Billy Mack is competing against for Christmas Number One?

Blue? 5ive? Take That? One Direction?

9) According to the movie Elf, the Elves live by three rules. The first is ‘Treat every day like Christmas.’ What are the other 2 rules? You’ll get a point for each correct answer.

10) According to It’s a Wonderful Life, what happens every time a bell rings?

A Miracle Is About to Happen? An Angel gets its wings? Two people fall in love? You down a shot of booze?

11) As of Christmas 2020, which of these actors has never played Father Christmas?

Billy Bob Thornton? Kurt Russell? Johnny Depp? Jim Carrey?

12) In the 1989 comedy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, what had Clark Griswold been planning to buy with the Christmas bonus he expected from work? A Swimming Pool? European Vacation? Home Gym? Much needed Family Counselling?

13) Which festive horror film sees a horned monster unleashed if children lose their Christmas spirit?

14) What year did the original Miracle on 34th Street release?

1947? 1957? 1967? 1977?

15) In the movie Gremlins, which classic animated Disney film do the furry critters end up watching at a movie theatre?

16) Arnold Schwarzenegger faced his toughest opponent yet – Christmas shopping season – in comedy Jingle All The Way. What was the name of the trendy toy his son desperately wanted?

17) Macaulay Culkin was home for the holidays in the blockbuster Home Alone. Which city did his family visit, leaving him behind to fend off burglars?

18) Culkin was forgotten (again!) two Christmases later, in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Which US president makes a cameo in the film?

19) What Christmas carol does the Peanuts gang sing at the end of “A Charlie Brown Christmas?”

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing? Silent Night? Jingle Bells? A Fairytale of New York?

20) Fill in the blanks from Buddy the Elf’s apology note. “I’m sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven _______ into the ____.”

You’ll get a point for each correct answer.

Scroll down for the answers (no cheating folks!)…












1) Elf

2) Grim

3) Son

4) “Now I have a Machine Gun. HO – HO -HO.”

5) Fairy

6) Hot Chocolate.

7) ‘Holiday Inn’ and ‘White Christmas’

8) Blue

9) “There’s room for everyone on the nice list,” and “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

10) An Angel gets its Wings

11) Johnny Depp

12) A Swimming Pool

13) Krampus

14) 1947

15) Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

16) Turbo-Man

17) Paris

18) Donald Trump

19) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

20) Cookies & VCR


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