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When ESP writer, Mikey Clarke, wrote and directed his first short film, we were right behind him. Now we’re pleased to report you can view his second film here…

Mikey’s latest flick is a horror called Dead Famous. He told us, “The story is about a woman who’s desperate for fame. In her own twisted mind, it is better to be known as a serial killer than not to be known at all.”

Mikey’s first short film was titled Kelly Chambers, about a professional counsellor who returns to work after a battle with depression – only to discover that one of her own patients caused the event that led to her condition.

We were surprised that both films were rather morbid, with Mikey being such a big fan of comedy. “I find drama easier to write,” he explained. “I think comedy separates audiences more than any other genre. I’m not saying all dramas are the same – I just feel more people can relate to them.”

We wondered when making the second film, what lessons had been learnt from the first. “I focused on being much more consistent this time. With the first film, there were characters holding objects in one take, and would have their hands free in the next. It made it a nightmare for the editor.


“I also learnt a lot from making the second film, and will no doubt continue to learn things each time.”

Dead Famous was put together by a local team. ESP videographer Mitch Brewster, did the filming and editing.

A talented guy called Harry Knight took care of the music and sound effects. Acting in the film were two local actresses called Amy Snitch (who played the killer) and Wendy Trevor (who plays the victim).

“I’m really proud of what we achieved as a team, and hope that you like it too,” Mikey said. “Hopefully you’ll see more from us soon.”

Take a look at Dead Famous here… [youtube id=”S5lDOaxKENo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Film shots: Mitchell Brewster Media

Photo of Mikey: Andrew James Photography


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