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Is 4DX the future of cinema?

Just as the buzz around 3D films starts to fade, something else has come along.

Cineworld in Milton Keynes has just opened the UK’s first 4DX screen. I drove down to see if it is more than just a gimmick.

During a screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the audience and I were treated to 15 different special effects – including moving seats, fog, rain and a variety of scents. You may have experienced something similar at numerous Theme Parks, but not like this. Here is a much more polished version of what I’ve seen at Thorpe Park and Disney.

The experience reminded me of my very first trip to the cinema. I was in awe of my surroundings and sat with a beaming smile cheek-to-cheek.

The 4DX technology was even in full swing during the trailers, giving a glimpse of what’s to come. In the upcoming Jurassic World, as a dinosaur rushes towards you, you will feel the vibrations of those gigantic feet slamming the floor. With the next Fast and Furious film, as the car on screen skids to the side, so will you. I personally can’t wait to see next year’s Superman film – feeling like I’m flying alongside the Man of Steel with the wind hitting my face.

So, is 4DX the future of cinema?

Most definitely, but be warned… you get distracted from the film’s plot every now and then, like when the auditorium I was in became filled with bubbles. But it is a lot of fun. Seeing an action film really brings out the awesomeness of 4DX, and I’m sure watching a horror will be a blast too. However, I would never see a drama, thriller or any film that needs my full concentration in this format.

The 4DX technology has been added to over 200 films running in 150 cinemas worldwide, so expect it to be the next big thing. Hopefully we’ll see it at the Showcase Cinema or Cineworld in Huntingdon soon. If not, I’ll happily travel to Milton Keynes for it.

See footage of the 4DX screen below.

Mikey Clarke


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