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Abuse in a relationship can happen to anyone.  It’s never ok.

It can destroy your self-confidence, have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing and leave you feeling isolated and lonely.

Do you have a teenage daughter or son at home? Are they in a relationship?

Would they recognise the signs of an abusive relationship?

While we may think that our teenagers could never be affected by domestic abuse, the truth is that it does occur in teenage relationships.  Teenagers who are experiencing abuse can often view it as something to put up with, or will normalise the issue, telling themselves that ‘it’s just the way things are – everyone else is doing it’ or ‘it’s ok’.


During December the Safer Peterborough Partnership is supporting the national Home Office campaign ‘This Is Abuse’.  The campaign is running during December combining abuse and sexual abuse in teenage relationships.

Christmas is the time for families to get together to exchange gifts, celebrate and spread good cheer.  For some, the emotional strain, financial pressures, increased alcohol consumption and the commitments of the season can contribute to a rise in domestic abuse.  For victims of domestic abuse Christmas will be anything but enjoyable.

If you need any advice, support, help or just someone to talk to leading up to and over the Christmas period please contact one of the numbers below.

If you need advice or support for domestic abuse in Peterborough call (01733) 894455 or go to

Rape Crisis                   Victim Support         Women’s Aid Helpline

01733 317899                0845 30 30 900        08454 103123

Social Services         NSPCC                          Police (non-emergency)

01733 747474            0800 800500                   101

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