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If you have an ardour for art or a hunger for history, then why not get involved with two, exciting new projects taking place at Peterborough Museum this October?

Vivacity’s culture team are preparing to bring the original art, of the distinguished Andy Warhol, to Peterborough’s own, City Gallery and they need volunteers to help visitors enjoy their experience. This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to share their knowledge and celebrate one of the architects of modern pop culture.

If you’re more of a historian, however, you can get involved in leading daily guided tours, in the restored cellars – The Priestgate Vaults. These historic spaces, under the Museum, are both fascinating and creepy and will be opened up as part of a new visitor attraction. Vivacity are looking for volunteers to take groups of visitors around the most historic and allegedly, most haunted, building in the city – so scaredy cats need not apply!

The volunteer roles will begin October 2015, with essential training beginning in September. There’ll be an open day on Saturday August 15 at Peterborough Museum, where more information and refreshments will be provided, from 10.30am. Contact if you’d like to attend!

If you’d like more information about these two exciting new projects, then visit

Charlotte Bowen

Photo: John Moore


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