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ESP’s Comedy Columnist, Sarah Slack, says the forthcoming comedy gig in Peterborough by Kieran Hodgson is one not to miss…

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted my rave review of character comedian Kieran Hodgson’s ‘75’ in ESP during 2018, however it wasn’t just me who thought it was the bee’s knees, as Kieran achieved his third nomination for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards last year.

During this stand-out comedy show Kieran (new series regular Gordon in series 3 of hit BBC2 sitcom Two Doors Down) perfects a series of obsolete impressions to tell a surprising tale of how Britain joined Europe in the first place, during which he discovers that the 70s were about more than just TISWAS, the colour brown and the words ‘Let’s go on strike again’.

Kieran interweaves a tale of two intimate, personal relationships and a personal quest for understanding with one of epic European history, coming up against both in this brand-new, hysterically funny and moving tour de force from this award-winning comic.

Exploring how politics can rip apart even the closest and most loving of relationships, ’75 is the hilarious story of Kieran’s attempts to reunite with his mother after being driven apart by the shadow of Brexit.

Expect a story of passion and betrayal as Kieran overestimates his intellectual abilities and fills his show with somehow-funny descriptions of voting systems and a rogue’s gallery of historical figures that he delights in bringing back to life: awkward war hero (and perhaps questionable Prime Minister) Ted Heath, milk-snatching pioneer Margaret Thatcher, and Huddersfield’s most famous son (after Kieran), Harold Wilson. It’s like ‘Hamilton’ if ‘Hamilton’ was about Wilson and had no money or songs.

Described by the Times as ‘ravishingly entertaining, informative, full of insight and plenty of laughs’, this is a chance to see a fantastic Fringe show right on your doorstep, making it an absolute must-see for local comedy fans and those who love their political satire.

See him live at the Key Theatre in Peterborough on Wednesday April 10. Tickets are available on 01733 207239 or

Sarah Slack


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