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Judging by all the internet collaborations and choirs keeping our spirits up online, music is definitely proving to be good for our wellbeing during lockdown.

Peterborough’s super talented twins Classical Reflection always make us feel uplifted when they sing – but they’re also helping people keep up with online signing lessons.

Hannah and Naomi Moxon say they have adapted their regular teaching online and are keen for more people to get in touch if they’d like to learn.

“Well we are teaching through Skype or WhatsApp video call, both have been working really well!” explained the girls.

“Our students have been able to continue working on their exam prep or for new students to be able to pick up a new skill in lockdown.

“Music is a lovely outlet for lots of people and has been such a support for lots of people, many of our students have said just how much they feel they have needed it more than ever. Lots of people use music and singing in particular to relax. We all use the diaphragm for breathing as we sing, which is the same breathing technique to use in Yoga.”

The girls always seem so upbeat and told ESP that while lockdown is tough, they’re doing their best to keep smiling.

“Well much like everyone in this time staying positive seems a little bit harder than usual but some of the things we have done to keep upbeat is keeping a good routine. Waking up at the same time each morning and having a good timetable of lessons during the day, our students have kept us smiling and laughing. We have loved collaborating with charities too, doing virtual duets in aid of the charities.”

If you keep up with Classical Reflection on Facebook (@classicaltwins) you will have seen some great collaborations they’ve done recently.

“We love uplifting songs, they are all favourites of ours – Music Is Magic was particularly special because the words were so apt and we love working with the charity Music Man Project who support musicians with learning difficulties.

“We have duetted with Colin Thackery too, the BGT winner and Chelsea Pensioner where we collaborated on the song White Cliffs Of Dover for The NHS.”

Classical Reflection are local singing talent to be proud of and we’re all big fans here at ESP. The twins have performed at some prestigious events and venues including singing the National Anthem at Wembley Stadium at the beginning of March. It’s a shame we can’t go to see them perform currently but like us they’re looking forward to singing live again at events in future.

“We know these will just be bigger and better once lockdown is over and events can resume once more. We are really looking forward to performing again, it will feel very special.

“We have lots booked up for later in the year including some special Christmas events. We will be posting them on our website

To get in touch about singing lessons online with Classical Reflection please visit their website.

Photos: Karen Moxon


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