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ESP’s Mikey Clarke is now on YouTube! Subscribe at

Mikey has been writing for us for a dozen or so years now. We’ve enjoyed watching him get creative with numerous articles during that time – often finding a unique twist on a story. It came as no surprise to us when Mikey told us he was setting up a YouTube channel – allowing him to express himself more visually.

Alongside his friend (Roe), the pair mostly upload videos based around Movies, Games and Comedy under the nickname MicRoe.

We’ll often give a few of their videos a watch in the office and highly recommend you check them out. The fact they’ve been good friends since school really comes across in their warm, engaging and often humorous content.

If you’re yet to check out their channel, we’ve chosen our Top 5 MicRoe videos:

5) The Ultimate Try not to Laugh Challenge (Helium Edition).

We’ve seen a few try not to laugh challenges pop up on their YouTube Channel. It would seem that if you add helium into the mix, the challenge becomes much more difficult. We particularly like how the guys will often have forfeits thrown into the mix.

4) Watching ‘The Blair Witch Project’ in the woods = Terrifying!

Speaking of forfeits, after Mikey lost a challenge, Roe came up with the brilliantly cruel punishment of watching The Blair Witch Project in the woods. For those unfamiliar with the horror movie, it’s set in the woods – making this forfeit particularly brutal. Check it out for the surprise ending.

3) Crazy s**t you can buy on Amazon!

The internet is a vast and crazy place – where just about anything can be purchased. Mikey took to Amazon to purchase the most unusual things he could find – whilst setting Roe the challenge of working out what the items were. Does he succeed? Check it out to find out and why not give it a go yourself.

2) The Best Insults Ever!

Mikey and Roe took to the internet to find some of the best insults and come-backs ever. The humorous results (including the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Bryan Cranston) is worth checking out and makes for a great way to kill time whilst on a break.

1) Kelly Chambers (Short Film)

Mikey’s first ever upload to the channel was a short film that he wrote and directed. Kelly Chambers tells the story of a councillor who returns to work after being off due to her own depression. When she discovers that one of her own patients is responsible for the events that led to her condition, she has a moral battle with herself on how to handle the situation.

Check out the rest of their content by visiting and click the bell button to be notified as soon as they’ve uploaded.


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