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ESP columnist Juggy is always interested in hearing your thoughts for his column #GettingJuggyWithIt but while he can’t meet you and chat he’s at home considering the benefits of ‘small talk’…

What is it with small talk?

Small talk is one of the most common ways we communicate with each other in our daily lives. The polite pleasantries such as “Hello” and “Goodbye”, the friendly gestures of “How are you?” when we simply might not really care how ‘Brenda’ the office secretary is.

The main reason small talk is adopted is out of keeping interaction between humans cordial, which is an essential thing to do in any workplace, family gathering or mate’s function.

The strangest thing I’ve discovered about small talk is how many people actually despise doing it, labelling it pointless or even in some cases giving them social anxiety.

Personally for me I think it’s great and essential, as it’s the only way to build a relationship from scratch if you don’t know someone, exchanging a few seemingly trivial or mundane conversation starters initially can sometimes result in some people becoming long lasting figures in your life.

It’s also polite which I think it’s important to be in this day and age, maybe by asking ‘Brenda’ about her recent holiday even though you’re not that invested in the answer could surprise you and therefore that is another person in your social network, and someone who could come in useful.

Making chitchat with your sister’s new boyfriend could help improve the mood at the dreaded annual family barbeque or smiling and engaging with your mate’s cousins at their wedding could lead to you meeting the love of your life, potentially anyway.


Photos: Chris Brudenell for ESP


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