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Love, laughter and period costumes as Creative Cow theatre company brings us this classic farce.

The latest in a string of brilliant revivals from the Creative Cow Theatre Company,  this frothy confection of love, laughter and period costumes is coming to the Key Theatre, Peterborough from April 25 – 27  – an unmissable night out!


Always an audience favourite, Brandon Thomas’s much loved play is set in 1892, as dashing Oxford undergraduates, Jack and Charley, prepare to propose to Amy and Kitty.  However, a chaperone is needed or the girls will refuse their lunch invitation.  As luck would have it, Charley’s Aunt is arriving from Brazil (where the nuts come from) and will happily serve the purpose – until, that is, a telegram declares that her trip is delayed.  With their plans in disarray, the students hit upon the idea that Lord Fancourt Babberley, their good friend, should put on a frock and assume her identity.

But things are never that simple and madness ensues when Charley’s real aunt from Brazil (where the nuts come from) finally arrives. All can turn out well only after a breathtaking chase, a musical interlude and an absurd number of marital engagements.

Founder member of Creative Cow, Katherine Senior told ESP – “Charley’s Aunt is a brilliant play and one that has been enjoyed by audiences right from its first performance.  Ever since it was put on the stage at the end of the 19th century it’s been breaking records – not just as a farce but for plays of any kind – and not just in this country but also on Broadway!  We’re thrilled to be bringing it to audiences in Peterborough.”

Described by the Stage as – ‘Best thing on the fringe this year…it’s fiendishly funny. But none of this would work without the cast’s outstanding performances… it belongs on a big stage in the West End.’

For more info on the company and the production, visit:

For tickets call the Box Office: 01733 207239 or go to

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