Peterborough based Lamphouse Theatre have been keeping us entertained online this year and just as they’d taken to the stage with their version of A Christmas Carol… Tier 4 scuppered them!

However the good news is that this amazing one-man show can still be seen online.

ESP didn’t get along in time to catch it at the Key Theatre so to see if it’s a worth a watch we welcome guest reviewer Vicky Wild to give us her feedback…

If I said “One man Christmas Carol”, what might you think? An old Scrooge in an armchair with a candle scraping a performance together to make the best of a bad year?

Certainly not in Lamphouse Theatre’s version at The Key Theatre in Peterborough. Instead, what I witnessed was an interactive rock and roll, comedy, magical, musical extravaganza – nothing like anything I had ever seen before!

It was a family show that delighted everyone from young children to my 60-something parents. Audience heckles were actively encouraged and became intrinsic parts of the performance as Fox effortlessly knocked out hilarious perfectly timed comic retorts.

Fox received a richly-deserved standing ovation celebrating this multi-talented extraordinaire – a real homegrown Peterborough treasure. This area certainly deserves a place on the theatrical hot spot map and Lamphouse Theatre Company (previously performing their version of ‘A Jungle Book’ at The Stamford Arts Centre last year) are trailblazers for it.

“Why hasn’t Hollywood found him yet?” said Dad.

“Absolutely brilliant! How does he do it?” said Mum.

“Well, that sure kick-started Christmas!”  I said.

Luckily, however, Lamphouse Theatre had a contingency plan and has filmed both versions of the show produced by Becky Owen-Fisher. It is now available to download and view digitally via The Key Theatre website. Highly recommended viewing to cheer on Christmas 2020.

Vicky Wild

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