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It’s time to register for Nature’s School as a Peterborough environmental charity comes up with a great idea to entertain the kids over the holiday.

Schools out but if you’ve been home schooling during lockdown the prospect of the summer break means you’ve got to come up with even more ways to keep the kids entertained… but here’s an answer for frazzled parents!

In Peterborough local environmental charity PECT has come to the rescue with a great range of downloadable planet-friendly, nature loving content to keep them busy over the summer break.

PECT has launched more than 100 downloadable nature activities and resources to entertain, inspire and educate children. Families can pick and choose the activities they want to take part in.

“We wanted to help support families during this unprecedented time by offering free activities that can be done at home, using only simple everyday household or recycled items,” explains PECT’s Operations Director Stuart Dawks. “Our Nature’s School resources aim to bring families together to enjoy, appreciate and protect their time together, while discovering more about the natural environment.”

The idea is that if children learn more about the natural wonders of the world we live in, then they’ll develop a desire to help protect and preserve it too. Our local environment is sometimes an unexplored resource, often overlooked for its wealth of possibilities, and not always appreciated or looked after as it should be. Just look at all the litter we’ve seen piling up during recent events and as people headed to the out to the countryside.

The 100 activities and resources, which are available online, include everything from nature identification sheets, instructions for creating a Bee Hotel, tips on how to grow from food waste, a guide to creating a Leaf Lantern, and many more!

This isn’t just for families though, schools, charities and other organisations can also benefit from the Nature’s School resources and use them to create new ways of delivering the curriculum and learning objectives.

PECT has a vision for creating sustainable places, where the natural environment is protected, communities are involved in their area, health and wellbeing is improved, and resource use doesn’t compromise the needs of others, now and into the future.

So to get started just head to to download all these great ideas or find PECT on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by searching for ‘Sustainable PECT’.

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