March 20, 2012 Music

Let there B/DC rock The Angel!

When I found out that Let There B/DC – a five man AC/DC tribute band had been formed in Peterborough I went to check them out. Having seen the real thing at Wembley and the NEC in the past I had high expectations. I’ve also seen my far share of tribute bands over the years, from the legendary Letz Zep at The Key, to an abysmal Abba one that didnt even have a keyboard, so draped a gold curtain over an ironing board and mimed playing it ?!

Let There B/DC I can happily report are definitely a tribute band to be reckoned with. In what was their first proper performance in front of an enthusiastic and packed pub the guys faithfully recaptured the look, sound and spirit of rock legends AC/DC, a band who started life playing in pubs and bars around their native Australia before becoming one of the world’s biggest selling acts.

Let There B/DC’s co-founder and frontman Pete does a superb job of channeling the energy, and rabble-rousing showmanship of the late, great Bon Scott with the fist-clenching, cap-wearing, gravely-voiced antics of Brian Johnson that leaves you in no doubt of his dedication to the AC/DC back catalogue.

The band’s powerful driving rhythm of Neil Hughes on guitar, Paddy on drums and Steve Hlinka on bass fire out all the AC/DC favourites, but the bands star turn is 18 year-old lead guitarist Andy Hughes. Not only does he look the part (school uniform, duck walk, upthrust arm, cherry red Gibson SG) but he’s also perfected all the high voltage rock ‘n’ roll riffs, tricks and guitar picks that will leave even the most hardened AC/DC fan shaking at the knees.

It’d be a cliché to say they shook the pub all night long, but you know what – that’s exactly what they did. If The Angel regulars had their way, the band would still be playing. As it was, they were treated to a two hour rock ‘n’ roll show where the music was good and the music was loud.

Cheers lads, and for those about to go to and watch their next gigs… I salute you.

Next gigs: The Ostrich – April 20, The Angel Inn, Yarwell – May 5 and The Cross Keys, Oundle Road –  June 8.

Steve Gonzalez