November 11, 2011 Games

Ignition Entertainment


Out Now

Enter one of the year’s most addictive games you can pick up as an online download – particularly at its pocket money price.

The Mercury series has appeared on past-Gen and current-Gen titles in different forms, but it’s the first time in all its HD glory in the 360 and PS3.

The premise is simple – or should I say sounds simple! – as you guide a blob of silver mercury around progressively more difficult and puzzling terrain.

But be warned! This is addictive stuff as you not only control your Mercury blob – which can split apart depending on the situation – but also by tilting the stage to stop it from spilling into the abyss below.

With multiple goals on each level, clever touches such as the colour changing of your blob to advance, this is undoubtedly one of the cleverest games to come on XBLA or PSN in quite some time.

It even gives you the ability to integrate your chosen soundtrack into each level – giving you another reason to while away your time for those balanced gamerpoints/trophies.

And for only 400 Microsoft points or four Queen quids on PS3 – just like the planet Mercury – this is one of the hottest online titles to have graced next-Gen consoles this year.

Review by Gavin Miller