July 24, 2012 Interviews

Harry Potter star Tom Felton – best known as bad by Draco Malfoy in the hit films – came to Peterborough recently and ESP’s big Potter fan Mikey Clarke pulled up a broomstick and grabbed a word…

ESP would like to congratulate Ben Tomsett, the winner of a recent talent show at Holme Primary School. However, ‘Holme School’s Got Talent’ was not your average competition.

Students had every right to get excited. The official voice-over for the event was Peter Dixon, the man behind the voice of X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and much more.

Hosting the event and the driving force behind many of these special additions to the show, was local celeb Warwick Davis, the star of blockbusters such as Willow, Star Wars and Harry Potter. And speaking of Potter, the judge was none other than actor Tom Felton. The teen heart-throb is best known as Draco Malfoy in the popular flicks.

Whilst attending Holme School’s Got Talent I must admit that I was a little jealous… the biggest name I ever got at my school talent show was Kev Lawrence.

ESP grabbed a few words with Tom who was more than happy to play a nicer version of Simon Cowell for a night –“It’s nice to be able to give the talented young children here some encouragement. I was a youngster when I started out and have never looked back.”

Tom was in fact just 12 when he started filming the franchise. He remembers it as – “A wonderful experience.” Discussing the emotion on set as the Director said ‘Cut’ for the very last time, he joked –“Warwick was in floods of tears, but I obviously played it cool. But seriously, it was very upsetting but also in a strange way a big anticlimax – we had talked about ‘the end’ for so long and how it might feel, and finally it was there.

“It doesn’t feel like much has ended as people are still talking about the books and the movies. I think we all hope it’s one of those things that will go on for as long as we live.”

After so many years of filming, the cast must have become like a real family. It certainly felt that way as Tom explained –“Warwick is just one of the many great friends I still keep in touch with from those days. It’s always good to see each other again.

“The problem is with all the cast, we always seem to be in the four corners of the earth at different times but if we are in the same place we always meet up. Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley) and I have worked our way around many golf courses which is always nice.”

Perhaps it was the fact I’d attended the interview in my Harry Potter scarf that inspired my question about obsessive fans. On the subject Tom told me –  “I like to call them ‘eccentric enthusiasts’ – people who just love the film and books so much. It’s always nice to see how passionate people get about the stories. What’s funny though, is that a lot of the younger age group who I meet, seem to be terrified of me! So maybe I ought to play a kind of Simon Cowell persona in my role as ‘talent judge’.”

And of course, if you are a massive fan of the films – you must be considering a trip to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Experience, which Tom describes as –“Amazing. It was like I almost lived on those sets growing up, but there is stuff there I didn’t even know existed!

“It’s great that they have housed it in such a beautiful and entertaining way. I’d say you don’t even have to be a big Harry Potter fan to enjoy it – this is a first of its kind for the film industry and is a great insight into the film making.”

So there you go – whether you’re a big film geek or have children that are still massive fans of the film, there’s a summer trip anyone can enjoy, and it’s only around an hour and a half trip from the Boro!

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, make sure you check out the rest of the interview in the latest August issue of ESP Magazine. Read what Tom had to say about life after Harry Potter.

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