December 08, 2017 Gossip

The phenomenon of Rock Painting, better known for being an outdoors activity, has gone ‘urban’ and rolled inside for winter at Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Rocks--(3)Last week, hand-painted rocks, including one which was painted with Remembrance Sunday in mind with a beautiful poppy and the phrase ‘lest we forget’, were spotted by staff around the shopping centre in various locations including, by M.A.C Cosmetics, M&S and The Body Shop, the rocks later disappeared.

The craze, which originated in America has recently become extremely popular in the UK with both adults and children taking part by simply painting rocks.

The new hobby sees people painting rocks with beautiful designs and then leaving them in places to be found by others in areas such as parks, trails and, it seems, now shopping centres.

People are invited to either keep the rock they find or, more commonly, asked to relocate the rock to another location to be found again and recording its journey via social media.Rocks-

“At first staff didn’t quite know what they were but once they learned it was a bit of fun by local children, we were thrilled they had brought them to our shopping centre,” said Alice Watkinson, Queensgate Shopping Centre, Marketing Manager. “It is great that people of all ages and abilities can get involved. We can’t wait to see what other designs we find around the centre.”

If you would like to get involved with rock painting, simply search Facebook for your local group as groups are popping up throughout the country and don’t forget to tag in Queensgate if you find or leave a painted rock within the centre!