July 27, 2012 Sport

Employees at local business KickSport have been excited about the unexpected visits they’ve received from Olympians this week, who’ve needed to kit themselves out ready for the Olympic Games.

Wednesday saw Chad’s Carine Ngarlemdana, women’s -70kg Judo competitor, visit the team at KickSport, in Westwood, to pick up her blue and white Kusakura uniforms, whilst Thursday saw Vanusatu’s Nazario Fiakaifonu, men’s +100kg Judo competitor drop in to pick up his uniforms too.

Other Judo athletes who’ve visited the team at Kicksport to obtain their uniforms for the Olympic Games have included El Salvador’s Carlos Figuera, men’s -66kg competitor and Cape Verde’s Adysangela Moxiz, women’s +78kg competitor.

It’s not just the Judo athlete’s that KickSport have been kitting out. They’ve also supplied the Moroccan Taekwondo team with their uniforms and got the Moroccan flag printed on them. Printing and embroidery is part of the service offered at KickSport.

KickSport, who are based in Westwood Peterborough, are a worldwide distributor of Judo, Taekwondo and Karate uniforms and training equipment, supplying clubs across the world. Many competitions, like the Olympics, have to have authority approved uniforms, which KickSport supply to all three martial art disciplines.

Mike Brown, team member at KickSport, told ESP – “In the Judo competitions two athletes (judokas) compete against each other to gain points for throws and holds. One athlete has to wear a white gi (uniform) whilst the other a blue, so each athlete needs two uniforms. We have found in the last week that many athletes have arrived in the country without uniforms that are approved by the International Judo Federation, so have had to obtain new ones, which we have been happy to help with.”

KickSport have really got into the Olympic spirit and are running an online competition alongside the Games where customers can pick a dream team. There is a selection of uniforms up for grabs to the winners who manage to pick the highest number of athletes who win medals in the Judo and Taekwondo Games. To take part visit http://www.kicksport.com/shop/olympic-martial-arts-fantasy-league.php.

Mike added – “It has been fantastic to supply the Olympians with their uniforms and to meet them; it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to meet people who are involved in such an iconic event. If anyone else wishes to get their Judo, Taekwondo or Karate uniforms they can visit our website or pop along to KickSport and we will help them out.”

You can visit KickSport’s website at www.kicksport.com or email info@kicksport.com or call the team in the office on 01733 260030.


Vanvatu’s Nazario Fiakaifonu, men’s +100kg Judo competitor smiles with Mike Brown, proud supplier of the IJF approved Kasakura uniform.

Carlos Figueroa from El Salvador who is competing in the men’s -66kg Judo competition.

Chad’s Carine Ngarlemdana’s Games Makers with a Kusakura’s white uniform.