June 02, 2017 Gossip

Volunteers and founding members of Peterborough’s Nene Valley Railway have been celebrating it’s 40th anniversary.

NVR-IMG_4785As part of the the Nene Valley Railway’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations on 1st June 2017, many of the founding members and volunteers that helped to build and run the railway were given a day to celebrate at the NVR before they open to the public at the weekend with a fantastic programme of events for their 40th anniversary.

Amongst the guests were members from the James Bond film family. John Glen who directed Octopussy at the NVR in the summer of 1982 with production designer Peter Lamont who later worked on GoldenEye which also used the railway for scenes.NVR-IMG_4759

Joining them to meet many of the NVR volunteers who’d worked on the films were Octopussy Circus girls, Carole Ashby and Alison Worth.

The NVR’s general manager Sarah Piggott, and ESP magazine’s Marc Hernandez, who’d helped Sarah invite the quartet of James Bond film crew, presented John and Peter with a framed poster montage signed by the NVR volunteers who’d helped out during the filming in 1982.

Now the fun begins for everyone as the railway stages it’s exciting anniversary weekend June 3 and 4 with lots of fun lined up with much more to come throughout the year.

To find out what’s on when just visit www.nvr.org.uk/events/nvr-40th-anniversary