July 11, 2018 Featured

In the Red Barn, a dark secret lies buried, waiting to be discovered…

Eastern Angles Theatre Company bring us a new take on a classic story of murder which they’re staging at The Undercroft beneath Serpentine Green shopping centre this month.

Polstead is a new retelling of the true tale of Maria Marten and the Red Barn Murder in 1820s Suffolk. Polstead is a quiet village stuck in its age-old traditions and ancient class system.

Rich and poor, man and woman, everyone knows their place. Maria yearns for thrills and experimentation and throws herself into the arms of a wealthy landowner and thinks her dreams have all come true.

Eastern Angles re-examines the life of Maria Marten and the events that led up to her murder.


As part of the writing process, Beth Flintoff has interviewed women from Lighthouse Women’s Aid charity, based in Ipswich, who aim to support and empower women and children affected by domestic abuse or violence.

The interviews and historical research will bring a new modern perspective on the notorious murder case.

This dark local tale is being dramatically staged by Hal Chambers with an all-female cast at The Undercroft at Serpentine Green on July 18 – 21 as part of a regional tour.

To book call 01473 211498 or visit www.easternangles.co.uk.