August 06, 2012 Interviews

The S Club party returned to the Boro and ESP’s Mikey Clarke grabbed a word with Jo and Bradley…

Remember how simple things were in 1999? We watched Friends on the television, played on our Gameboys and listened to S Club 7. Surely that wasn’t just me?

The group rose to fame by starring in their own BBC television series, Miami 7. Before we knew it, they were producing hits such as Reach, Don’t Stop Movin’, and S Club Party. Many believe it was S Club mania that began current trends such as High School Musical and Glee.

So where are the members now? You may have seen two of them performing their old hits recently in Flares nightclub, Peterborough. Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh headed down to the popular venue to perform their classic songs, but not before grabbing an exclusive chat with ESP Magazine.

After Bradley arrived (fashionably late), the pair began telling us what they’ve been up to since the original line-up went their separate ways. Jo (who also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother) said – “I released an album called Relentless and since then most of my time has been taken up by being a mum.”

Bradley continued – “I went on a very long holiday. And since then I’ve been producing and writing songs for various performers. I wrote songs for Peter Andre’s last album and there are a few artists I’m currently developing myself. But of course the person I most like to work with is Jo O’Meara.”

The tongue-in-cheek comments continued as Jo explained – “We try not to keep in touch with the others. We can’t stand them… I am of course joking.” Bradley added – “We’re all in touch, but I’m in contact with Jo the most. We have really long conversations on the phone. Jo and I are really close and she’s even asked me to be godfather to her son.”

“Which I will take back if you are late again,” Jo joked.

With the group’s songs being so popular, I wondered what the weirdest place was where they’ve heard one of their hits? Jo told me – “I once heard a really bad cover of an S Club track in Matalan. I found myself singing along like I was on auto-pilot. I was also singing and dancing along to one of our songs recently during a trip to Australia until Bradley asked me to stop it.” After giving it some thought, Bradley continued – “The strangest place I can think of is in a toilet in Mexico.”

During our chat we also discussed odd behaviour from some fans and the latest on whether we’ll ever see an official S Club 7 full reunion. Read about it in September’s edition of ESP Magazine.

I genuinely found Jo and Bradley a pleasure to talk to and it was great to see the pair’s down-to-earth attitude and sense of humour. See it for yourself by watching the full interview video below. Keep on watching after the interview to hear a few of their old hits live in Flares nightclub.

Flares manager, Cem Ozhan described the atmosphere as – “Incredible.” He said – “As well as S Club 7, we’ve also had recent performances from Romeo (So Solid, Big Brother) and Chesney Hawkes. The success of each of these performance shows that there is a demand for live, well-known performers here in Peterborough. I can promise that Flares and Edwards will keep them coming. Watch this space.”

Book your party with Flares by calling 01733 341890 because by the sounds of it, you never know who you might end up meeting!

Mikey Clarke

Video: Lorenzo Monteforte

Photos: Emma Bothamley for ESP Magazine