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July 12, 2012 Movies

Katy Perry’s: Part of Me gives fans a back-stage insight into her smash hit tour. It wasn’t just a mash up of songs as she danced around the stage in extravagant costumes; no, it let us dive deep into her childhood, career and love life during her rollercoaster ride of a year whilst on her biggest tour to date, but what did we learn about the outgoing star that has it all?

Perry shows us just how hard it is trying to find time to devote to both your career and love life as well as greeting fans from all over the world who she adores. We see her appreciation for them as the movie reveals a side to Katy we never knew until now, bringing us closer to the real child like girl under all the fame and glitz that she dreamt of.

As well as being energetic and having a blast on stage, behind the scenes we see just how hard it is to put on a show and cover the sadness during the tough time when her and Russell Brand split. However, the show must go on and the star still shines through proving that nothing can stop her, just like all those years ago. Living in her fun world of cotton candy clouds, Perry can be who she dreamt of being with no limitations.

After watching the film, having not known much of the star before, I have learned a lot about the sometimes controversial yet fun loving girl with the bright pink hair. Fans of all ages will enjoy and appreciate this film and experience for the first time what its like to travel along with the Katy Perry entourage, filled with fun and don’t forget sweets!

However, people who are not quite with Perry yet, or like me, may not have come to appreciate her bubbly personality or music,  may not enjoy the film so much, but that doesn’t mean you won’t walk away without a piece of Perry, the custom made 3D glasses are quite something!

Annabelle Davis

ESP rating  3/5




Katy Perry is now a household name all over the globe, but what is life like behind the scenes for this enthusiastic and fun-loving pop star?  Katy Perry: Part of Me uncovers the wacky world of Katy Perry and, along with breathtaking clips from her California Dreams tour, will inspire even those who claim not to be a huge fan.

The documentary follows the singer through her ups and downs as she embarks on her largest tour to date. Perry openly talks about her career, relationships and future plans. This allows us to see a different side of the famously controversial star. Throughout the film, the dedication of her fans is clearly evident, with Katy being welcomed in places from Japan to Brazil.

Katy Perry’s commitment for performing shines through not only when she is on the stage, but when she’s faced with many troubles along her journey. There are also appearances from some of her famous pals, including Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

Watching the film in stunning 3D enables you to feel as if you are sitting in the front row of one of her concerts. And Katy Perry’s honesty when interviewed in this film is admirable. Fans of all ages would thoroughly enjoy this film, so I would strongly recommend it.

Understandably the glitz and glam may not be everybody’s cup of tea. However (whether you like it or not) after watching Katy Perry: Part of Me, many of her famous hits will be stuck in your head for days.

Autumn Rose

ESP rating  4/5