August 06, 2012 Events

The 35th annual Peterborough Beer Festival is not far away and with Team GB dazzling the entire nation Team PBF is looking to put on a show of some of the very best beers from all over the UK.

The updated beer list is on the Peterborough CAMRA website and each one has tasting notes so why not take a look and see which ones you fancy trying? There’s nothing like a bit of preparation we always say!

Karl Simpson, press offcier for the fetsival told ESP – “With real ale now becoming so popular and beer festivals appearing all over the country it’s refreshing that Peterborough still holds mass appeal for the sheer variety and styles of drinks on offer.

“Regular followers of @PBF2012 on Twitter often comment that they prefer Peterborough to bigger festivals like the GBBF in London due to the much more varied regional offerings from different breweries.”

It’s certainly our favourite event of the year and we can’t wait to visit the city’s biggest bar at the social event of the year!

Every year CAMRA team up with a local brewer to make a beer as a one-off festival special. This year was the turn of Grantham based Brewster headed by Sara Barton and joined ably by her head brewer, Rich. A group from the Peterborough branch couldn’t resist joining this pioneering microbrewery for a fantastic brewday to make a festival version of their famous ‘Hophead’. It wasn’t all hard work though as the thirsty bunch were able to quaff a few of their excellent ales in between getting hands on with this important task! 

Held every year on the embankment of the River Nene the Peterborough Beer Festival is the biggest outdoor beer festival in the UK and a major attraction drawing real ale fans from all over the country. This year it’s held from August 21 -25.

This year promises a return to the traditional ‘horse-shoe’ layout and low admission prices for the lunchtime sessions. Even better news for CAMRA members: the admission for Wednesday – Saturday 12-3pm sessions are free!

Don’t miss the ESP Lunchtime Quiz with Ian Gray each day from Wednesday August 22 – Saturday August 25 at 1pm for some fun questions and great prizes!

There’s a great line-up of live music too – see the ESP gig guide for details.

Facebook fans can sign up to ESP or Peterborough Beer Festival or alternatively follow @PBF2012 or ESP on Twitter to keep on top of what’s going on.